Taking Stock Of Enterprise Competitiveness

Too many global managers are managing by the numbers. As a result, their behaviours are being ruled by the same measures of short-term financial returns. Today’s global leaders, however, see beyond quarterly profits and operating margins. Rather than be held hostage to financial indicators, they are instead focused on the things that will sustain their organisations over the long term.

They are focused not only on the competition, but far more importantly, they are taking stock of how enterprise competitiveness is being influenced by short-term financial decisions, workforce reductions, supply chain quality and other leaders’ interest in commitment to competitive sustainability.

So how are they doing that?

First, they’re looking at the profits being reported by the company – large or small, public or private – and what’s being done to produce them. Is too much being demanded of too few within the enterprise? Is the company draining one business unit only to invest, unwisely, in another? Are leaders becoming disenfranchised and biding their time until they can find a new opportunity with a new employer?

When most eyes go straight to the bottom line, today’s most astute global leaders are digging deeper and going in search of the stories behind the numbers.

They are searching for indicators of competitiveness – no matter what the numbers say – to figure out where performance is lacking, where more resources are needed, and how their organisations’ human assets are holding up under the pressure.

They are probing for insights. They are also willing to see what others don’t, and because of that, they may just develop solutions to keep things going better and longer, without exacting a diminishing toll on their people and overall enterprise competitiveness.

The question that naturally arises for managers and leaders in volatile, uncertain times is this: Will our ability to tackle the next challenge, the next competitive threat or opportunity be elevated or weakened by what we’re delivering today and how it’s impacting our collective potential?

Too often, too many are focused on the near-term, and thereby handicap their capacity to reach the next level. Today’s executive leaders are asking tough questions, looking at the long-term, and engaging with their teams to ensure they can (and want to) compete to their fullest.

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