New consultants join the team of TRANSEARCH International Deutschland GmbH in Munich

Munich, January 25, 2024 - TRANSEARCH International Deutschland GmbH, one of the leading companies in the field of executive search, is pleased to welcome two experienced consultants to its Munich office. Heidelore Gerbing and Sandra Haindl joined the team in January 2024 and bring extensive expertise from various industries.

Dr.-Ing. Carlo Mackrodt, Managing Partner and Head of the Munich office, expressed his delight at the expansion of the team: "TRANSEARCH International Germany continues to grow! Just in time for the start of the new year 2024, we are further expanding our team of consultants in our Munich office with Heidelore Gerbing and Sandra Haindl."

Enriching our team: Heidelore Gerbing and Sandra Haindl now at TRANSEARCH International Deutschland GmbH in Munich

Heidelore Gerbing, a business graduate with more than 20 years of experience in operational and strategic management positions in the healthcare industry, joined the Munich office as a Senior Client Partner in January 2024. She has extensive industry knowledge and an international network of decision-makers and industry contacts. Her focus is on positions in the areas of general management, sales, marketing, production / supply chain, finance and medical as well as quality management.

Sandra Haindl, with more than 20 years of experience in the successful recruitment of executives in the food and consumer goods industry, also joins the team as a Client Partner. Her focus is on advising international groups and family businesses as well as working with private equity companies. She has in-depth industry knowledge and a well-founded network.

The expertise and many years of experience of her new colleagues in various sectors promise an enriching collaboration and innovative approaches for our clients. In the following interview, Heidelore Gerbing and Sandra Haindl provide insights into their motivation, their working methods and their visions for their new role at TRANSEARCH.

TRANSEARCH: Why did you choose TRANSEARCH International Germany and what is your vision for your work here?

Sandra Haindl: I was convinced by the combination of a great, successful and cooperative team and a highly professional, systematic way of working as well as the international presence. TRANSEARCH is rightly one of the top executive search companies in the world. I am looking forward to contributing my many years of executive search experience to TRANSEARCH and to continuing to increase the success of companies with the sustainable filling of management positions.

TRANSEARCH: What personal qualities or skills do you consider particularly important to be successful in executive search?

Sandra Haindl: The basic requirement for me is a high level of empathy, professionalism and integrity. I receive confidential information, which I have to handle sensitively. The necessary sensitivity, listening, regular communication and commitment are the basis for a smooth process.

TRANSEARCH: Which industries or sectors are particularly close to your heart and why did you specialize in them?

Sandra Haindl: After starting my executive search career as a generalist in research and getting to know almost all sectors, I discovered my passion for the consumer goods and food industry. Fascinating personalities work here on the development, production and marketing of different products that I can also consume privately. I like the innovative power and emotionality of the consumer sector.

TRANSEARCH: Ms. Gerbing, why did you decide to join TRANSEARCH International Germany?

Heidelore Gerbing: I decided to join TRANSEARCH very quickly after meeting some of my current colleagues. I was impressed by the diversity of personalities and the different approaches with which each individual operates very successfully in their industry. I am also convinced that you have to offer your clients an international presence today in order to successfully support them with their global challenges. This is exactly what TRANSEARCH offers with 60 locations in 40 countries.

TRANSEARCH: What motivated you to become active in the field of executive search?

Heidelore Gerbing: I had already worked for 25 years in national and international management positions in pharmaceutical companies and medical technology and asked myself how I could combine my enthusiasm for the life science/healthcare sector and my love of working with different people and issues. It was precisely at that time that I was given the opportunity to put this passion into practice in a boutique consultancy in the life science / medical technology sector.

TRANSEARCH: How do you deal with the challenges that can arise in executive search, especially with regard to today's dynamic job market?

Heidelore Gerbing: Among other things, the dynamic arises from two important factors: the reduction in the available workforce at all levels and qualifications due to the imminent retirement of the Baby Boomer generation and the new understanding of work, life goals and social value hierarchy that Generation Z is bringing into our working environment. These challenges can be met by optimizing processes in order to be successful with a smaller team if necessary and, on the other hand, by designing the environment in such a way that the often highly qualified GenZ feels accepted and recognized.

The interview was conducted by Lisa-Marie Paps, Engagement Manager at TRANSEARCH International.

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