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TRANSEARCH International offers holistic solutions within the framework of a sustainable talent management approach. As passionate experts in executive search, management diagnostics and leadership consulting we recruit, assess, and develop the right leaders and leadership teams for and with our clients. We also support the (further) development of corporate cultures and organizations. The tools we use allow a unique perspective on culture, performance, leadership, and team spirit.


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Suitable candidates fulfill the 4 FITs

Whether an executive is a good fit for a company can be determined by looking at four variables: culture, performance, leadership, and team spirit. The better these components are known, the greater the requirements, and the more precisely a candidate fulfills the requirements – the greater the likelihood of a successful cooperation.

The tools used by TRANSEARCH International (powered by Orxestra®) allow for a unique perspective on these 4 FITs. We are not, in principle, looking for the best candidate – above all, we are looking for the most suitable candidate for the respective position.


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