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Successful managers ensure the realization of corporate goals and are characterized by specific personality traits and well-developed management skills. It is therefore essential for companies and organizations to identify and consistently develop the strengths, areas for growth, and potential of managers.

Our management diagnostics division supports companies, organizations, and universities in filling important leadership and management positions with personalities who best fit into the respective work environment and can perform to their full potential. We take strategic goals and values as well as concrete requirements into account, all of which we develop together in advance and define in a binding manner.

The focus is always on our strategic HR consulting so that we develop a holistic perspective together with each client and define concrete and specific requirements for the vacancy. On this basis, we develop processes, methods, and tools that ensure a differentiated analysis and minimize the risk of poor decisions. Our approach is characterized by appreciation and trust between all parties involved. The implementation of DIN 33430-compliant diagnostics is a matter of course.

We support managers who are already active in the company in the realistic assessment and development of their competences. Management teams also appreciate our proven procedures for analyzing processes in the team, developing solutions, and increasing performance and satisfaction.

Individualized and requirement-based management diagnostics

5 steps to success - The TRANSEARCH diagnostic process

  1. 1. Individual arrangement analysis
  2. 2. Construction
  3. 3. Implementation
  4. 4. Feedback and reporting
  5. 5. Communication of the result

The TRANSEARCH Triple Leadership Model (TTLM)

The TTLM is a holistic competency model for managers that assesses individual management and leadership competence based on three leadership perspectives. The model involves controlling and reflecting on one's own behavior and communication (self-leadership), working with and leading employees (people management), and developing a strategic-entrepreneurial perspective on one's own area of responsibility and the company's goals (corporate management).


The Orxestra® methodology provides a unique view of culture, performance, leadership, and teams and helps new leaders integrate.

Shaping corporate culture

To get the best out of a company, it is important to find employees who optimally fit the corporate culture.


With comprehensive industry knowledge and many years of experience, our specialists can meet and exceed our clients' expectations.

Our Consultants

With executive search consultants in more than 40 countries, we combine local expertise with a global network of professional executive search and leadership consultants.