Our value proposition

Taking on a professorship and/or working as an executive in the sciences involves very specific requirements that determine the fit between a person and a position. Thanks to our many years of experience in conducting assessment centers in the context of W3-W2 appointment procedures, we can provide targeted support to appointment committees as they review their questions and requirements, ultimately helping them make sustainably successful appointment decisions.

Naturally, we adapt and align the target image of each professorship according to the situation and requirements. In the end, we appoint not only the best but the most suitable person to your university.

Our advisory services at a glance
Assessment Center for W3-W2 Appointment ProceduresAssessment Center for W1 Appointments (with/without tenure track W2)
Development Center for Young Scientists (and Teams)


Our Advisory Process

Example: Assessment Center for W3 Appointment Procedures

  1. 1. Individual requirements analysis
  2. 2. Conception
  3. 3. Implementation
  4. 4. Feedback and report
  5. 5. Communication of results

Goal: Assessment of the individual competence and leadership profiles of the candidates and their fit with the specific professorship – not in the role of scientist, but as a colleague, head of a department, teacher, and leader in science.

Procedure: Conduct half-day individual assessments with the three most suitable candidates nominated by the appointment committee.


  • Differentiated picture of the fit between person and professorship in all areas of competence risk
  • Minimization of wrong decisions and false expectations (on both sides)
  • Holistic perspective on competence, personality, behavior, and motivation of candidates
  • Feedback and development perspectives for candidates not selected

Our offers in detail

Assessment Center for W3-W2 Appointment Procedures

We know from experience that success in a professorship requires more from academics than "just" excellent research and teaching. In addition to their own scientific work, professors are also responsible for managing staff, developing their own department, acquiring funding, and many other tasks. In our demanding and requirement-related assessment centers, we map the central tasks of each professorship and provide the appointment committee with an assessment of all the candidates’ relevant areas of competence and personality traits.

Fields of application:

  • Supporting selection decisions in the context of W3-W2 appointments in all subject areas

Assessment Center for W1 Appointments (with/without tenure track W2)

Because the appointment date is usually much earlier, the selection of suitable candidates for W1 professorships requires a special, future-oriented perspective. With a special focus on relevant indicators of potential as well as the ability and willingness to learn, we help with concrete hiring decisions and lend support individually as required.

Fields of application:

  • Supporting selection decisions in the context of W3-W2 appointments in all subject areas

Development Center for Young Scientists (and Teams)

What (leadership) skills do I still lack to take on a professorship later on? How can I work even better with my colleagues in the research cluster? How do I act as a leader in science and how do I affect others? These and other questions are of central importance for young researchers, but they are difficult to answer. Our offer is aimed at universities, research clusters, and scientific institutions where young scientists work. We support budding talents who want to become professors or take on other leadership responsibilities in science, either soon or in the future.

Fields of application:

  • Orientation for postdocs regarding their career goals and opportunities
  • Support for targeted further development toward a professorship