Our value proposition

We demand of ourselves that we understand the precise needs and requirements of our clients, which enables us to support them in their individual decisions with an expert management diagnostic opinion. We see ourselves as partners and risk managers for our clients and offer a clear, holistic, requirement-related perspective for the selection and development of managers.

We consistently focus on our clients’ specific requirements and offer a wide range of solutions for the selection and development of internal and external candidates as well as for the evaluation and development of management teams.

Our advisory services at a glance
Executive AssessmentLeadership AssessmentManagement Audit
Development CenterTeam Assessment


Our Consulting Process

Example: Leadership Assessment

  1. 1. Individual requirements analysis
  2. 2. Conception
  3. 3. Implementation
  4. 4. Feedback and report
  5. 5. Communication of results

Goal: Selection of a suitable personality for a leadership position.

Procedure: Conduct half-day leadership AC with all internal and external candidates to assess their individual competence and leadership profiles and their fit with the specific task.
In addition: Preparation of individual development plans and monitoring of perspective-based interviews with all internal candidates who were not selected.


  • Differentiated picture of the fit between person and position in all areas of competence
  • Minimization of the risk of poor decisions and false expectations (on both sides)
  • Holistic perspective on competence, personality, behavior, and motivation of candidates
  • Development perspectives for internal candidates who were not selected

Unsere Angebote im Detail

Executive Assessment for Filling of C-Level Positions

We know what top executives are measured by and what disadvantages and costs can be associated with poorly judged appointments at the board and executive levels. Our demanding, requirement-based executive assessments ensure a comprehensive assessment of all the candidates’ relevant competence areas and personality traits. In addition, we offer you an assessment of individual risk potential, thus minimizing the risk of poor decisions.

Fields of application:

  • Selection decisions at board and management level
  • Management team audits in the context of merger and acquisition processes

Development Center for Managers

Our individual and requirement-oriented development centers not only assess relevant professional competences and recognizable personality traits, but also reliably identify development potential. Based on these results, we recommend individual development measures.

Fields of application:

  • Upcoming career step
  • Orientation for young leaders
  • Orientation for young professionals
  • Improving professional performance and impact as a leader

Leadership Assessment for Managers

With our leadership assessment for managers, we offer our clients a holistic management diagnostic perspective on candidates and their leadership skills. In this way, we support our clients in filling management positions with personalities who are a sustainable fit with their goals and expectations.

Fields of application:

  • Personnel selection decisions within the framework of open application procedures
  • Internal personnel selection decisions (e.g., appointment of a team leader from among colleagues)
  • Decisions regarding internal career advancement (e.g., advancement from 1st to 2nd management level)

Management Audit

The merger of two companies or the amalgamation of two divisions within a company are processes often associated with many challenging personnel decisions. Depending on your needs, we support you in the internal selection of your future managers and in creating acceptance and transparency regarding the decisions made in the process of making these changes.

Fields of application:

  • Merging two companies (M&A)
  • Restructuring and merging divisions
  • Reviewing investment decisions (venture capital)


By combining individual and team diagnostics, we offer you a holistic perspective on professional teams’ strengths, resources, and fields of action. Our aim is to support each team member in their personal and professional development and to enable team members to reflect on the dynamics and interactions in their team.

Fields of application:

  • Change and development processes at team level
  • Change and development processes at team level