You are interested in

  • coaching managers from business, science, and sports to optimize their professional performance
  • coaching and attending training programs for (young) scientists
  • analyzing and improving the (leadership) culture in your company or organization
  • analyzing and optimizing the professional performance of a management team or business unit


You are

  • a leader with individual coaching needs
  • responsible for a team or management team with potential for development
  • interested in how the (leadership) culture in your company is perceived by employees
  • motivated to critically question and actively improve your company’s (leadership) culture in practice

Our offer

For more than 35 years, companies around the world have relied on TRANSEARCH International to develop successful leadership teams. In-depth industry experience combined with a unique approach to diagnosing and developing talent enables us to build successful client relationships. Our goal is always to enhance the performance and effectiveness of executives and management teams to implement business strategies more easily and realize growth objectives faster. In short, we support companies, organizations, and individual managers in identifying strategically important areas for optimization as well as individual fields of action, then we assist our clients in developing these areas in a targeted manner.

Learn more about our services in the areas of:

  • Personell Development with a focus on optimizing the professional performance of managers
  • Organizational development with a focus on analyzing (leadership) culture and optimizing the performance of management teams and/or company divisions


In today's turbulent times, leadership means setting the direction in which a company should go, being consistent in implementation, developing staff, and inspiring employees again and again. If any of these elements are missing or inadequately developed, the results will be mediocre at best. This "leadership balance" is at the heart of the Orxestra Experience – whether coaching a CEO, using our 360° feedback tool, developing a corporate culture, or building role-specific leadership competencies.


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Personnel Development

In the area of personnel development, the focus is on the professional performance of managers. This can be developed on an individual basis through requirement- related and holistic coaching.


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Organizational Development

In the area of organizational development, we look at strategic challenges and optimization needs of management teams, as well as the (leadership) culture lived in the company (or individual business areas) and work with you to develop individual solutions to these challenges.


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The Orxestra® methodology provides a unique view of culture, performance, leadership, and teams and helps new leaders integrate.

Shaping corporate culture

To get the best out of a company, it is important to find employees who optimally fit the corporate culture.


With comprehensive industry knowledge and many years of experience, our specialists can meet and exceed our clients' expectations.

Our Consultants

With executive search consultants in more than 40 countries, we combine local expertise with a global network of professional executive search and leadership consultants.