Board Assessment

The expectations of investors and relevant stakeholders are increasing at an accelerating pace. As a result, the demand on supervisory boards and management boards is also increasing. Regular evaluations are therefore important to ensure compliance with all relevant standards of corporate governance and performance. TRANSEARCH International offers board assessments to help clients identify their strengths and weaknesses and improve corporate performance.

Our proven evaluation method provides insight into the function of supervisory and executive boards, finds potential for improvement, and develops solutions to implement. As part of the evaluation, we analyze how supervisory and executive boards fulfill their roles and carry out their responsibilities. We evaluate the contribution made by each individual member of these management bodies. Analysis of the composition of the supervisory board and executive board is of central importance here, as is the distribution of expertise in these bodies.

The presentation of the results is tailored to the needs and expectations of the respective boards and highlights the specific challenges the company is currently facing and will face in the future. The results of previous evaluations are included in each case.

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