Our offer

In the area of organizational development, we offer you a comprehensive perspective on the strategic challenges and optimization needs of management teams, as well as the (leadership) culture lived in the company (or individual business areas). Based on this analysis, together with our clients we develop suitable measures and formats for sustainable development and improvement of their situation and accompany them along the way.

Our consulting process in the area of Organizational Development

  1. 1. Preliminary talk
  2. 2. Assessment
  3. 3. Situation and culture analysis
  4. 4. Creation
  5. 5. Presentation
  6. 6. Conclusion

Our services in the area of Organizational Development:

Analysis and development of management teams in business, science, and sports

Depending on the situation, the process of analyzing management teams and the company’s lived (leadership) culture comprises various components. In addition to conducting interviews and workshops, the use of individual, suitable management diagnostic instruments can also be useful. We would be happy to make you an individualized, requirement-based offer.

Fields of application:

  • Analysis and improvement of the (leadership) culture and performance in individual company divisions or management teams
  • Analysis of strategic challenges in the areas of human resources, leadership, and culture