Director Recruitment

A competent board with the right composition ensures the long-term success of a company and should support and challenge the CEO at the same time
For more than 35 years, TRANSEARCH International has assisted its clients in finding board members whose skills and experience perfectly match the strategic direction of each company we support.

Having a successful board is both a strategic advantage and a challenging task. As a trusted executive search firm with global locations and access to a structured network of contacts, we have successfully assisted companies in recruiting board members. We place particular emphasis on balance in terms of experience, skills, and corporate culture.

An optimal fit is also crucial in the composition of a board. What sets TRANSEARCH International apart and gives our clients outstanding advantages is the way we ensure this fit. The TRANSEARCH Orxestra® process, developed for TRANSEARCH International alone by John O. Burdett, perfectly measures and aligns the key factors of corporate culture, leadership competencies, team constellation, performance, and integration. We work closely with our clients until we know their history, culture, and requirements so thoroughly that we are perfect ambassadors for the company when talking to potential candidates.