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In the area of personnel development, our focus is on the professional performance of managers. We develop managers on an individualized basis through requirement-related and holistic coaching. Our aim is to fully utilize personnel potential and make better and more complete use of staff resources.

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Our consulting process in the area of Personnel Development

  1. 1. Coordination
  2. 2. Coaching sessions
  3. 3. Assessment
  4. 4. Evaluation
  5. 5. Conclusion

Our services in the area of Personnel Development

Coaching executives from business, science, and sports

In an individual coaching process, we assist leaders in incorporating and developing relevant professional competences and personality traits (visible to others) that are specifically tailored to meet current and future requirements. We always aim to improve individual professional performance and make optimal use of personnel resources.

Fields of application:

  • Orientation for young leaders
  • Orientation for young scientists
  • Improving leaders’ professional performance and impact

Coaching and hearing training for academics

This offer is aimed at future professors who would like to prepare themselves optimally for successful participation in appointment procedures. Specifically, we support academics from all disciplines in defining and achieving their personal career goals, not least through specific training measures that can improve their impact and performance in hearings before an appointment committee.

Fields of application:

  • Orientation for (young) scientists regarding their career goals and opportunities in science and business
  • Preparation for upcoming or future hearings in the context of appointment procedures

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