New Vision Market Leadership


To mobilize a 55-year-old company with a decentralized management model and a widely distributed, tenured employee ownership that never recruited a new CEO outside its own ranks around the leadership potential of a truly global short-list of highly qualified, visionary candidates.


Before our search process even started, we aligned key stakeholders around the defining elements of their company's culture, the full potential of its business strategy, and the change required to stimulate significant growth.

Working closely with the company's Board of Directors, we deployed our proprietary TRANSEARCH Orxestra Method to quickly profile the corporate culture and articulate the ideal "fit." We engaged the Board in conversations about business performance and the industry landscape. The team also added a rigorous set of web-based board director assessments to develop a scorecard focused on eight critical leadership competencies for the new CEO.

We defined the scope, strategy and candidate evaluation criteria and contacted more than 100 prospective candidates. We also engaged an additional 110+ referral sources and industry influencers to add real-time market intelligence and compensation data to our candidate evaluation process.


Our team introduced a world-class candidate who brought more than 25 years of experience from our client's industry sector, a highly sought-after individual with a track record of doubling and in some cases tripling corporate revenue.

This individual had shepherded a dozen successful mergers and recently managed a multibillion dollar global business. We provided compensation and employment contract insights that helped bring the recruiting process to a successful close.

Our consultants also worked closely with the client to successfully assist the new CEO following the steps outlined in our proprietary on-boarding and integration workbook, Without Breaking Stride, a core component of the TRANSEARCH Orxestra Method. They also thanked, briefed and gracefully disengaged the other high-caliber candidates identified during the search process while advising the CEO and board on opportunities for some important early "wins".

Our client's new leader is thriving in the environment and delivering the business results the company hoped to realize. And our methodical, team approach led one of the finalist candidates on this search — a COO with another global company — to retain us on a similar executive search assignment, paving the way for us to apply the lessons learned with a new client.


"Ultimately, the value of executive search is best measured by how long a newly hired leader 'sticks' with the organization, as well as how he or she grows the value they contribute...the right search partner helps organizations think about the ROI of their approach to leadership talent."

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