'Why Do You Stay?©'

Discover the transformative tool that will unlock your organisation's retention potential.

In an evolving corporate landscape, retaining top talent is more critical than ever. Understanding what truly engages our clients’ teams and compels them to stay can be the deciding factor in our clients’ success. At TRANSEARCH, we've developed a unique solution - 'Why Do You Stay?©'.

'Why Do You Stay?©' is more than a question; it's an evidence-based, cutting-edge process designed to uncover the specific reasons our clients’ employees choose to remain with their organisations.

This proprietary tool draws from a rich library of 50 research-proven retention factors, enabling us to decode the complexities of our clients’ teams’ motivations and loyalty. From identifying the aspects that contribute to a sense of belonging and purpose, to highlighting the importance of leadership and personal growth, 'Why Do You Stay?©' provides a comprehensive picture of the organisation's retention landscape.

But we don't stop at just identifying these crucial factors. With our unique Retention Health Score, we provide our clients with a quantifiable measure of the company's current performance in retaining talent, acting as a roadmap to build future strategies.

Armed with the insights from 'Why Do You Stay?©', they will be equipped to develop a tailored retention strategy. By focusing on the areas that matter most to their team, they can foster a work environment that not only attracts top talent but also inspires them to stay, driving growth and success.

Are you ready to discover 'Why Do You Stay?©' within your organisation?

Let TRANSEARCH guide you on this journey to enhanced talent retention and attraction, fostering a vibrant, committed team.

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