Ihr Partner im Executive Search

Als Experten mit Leidenschaft für Executive Search unterstützen wir unsere Klienten täglich bei der Zusammenstellung schlagkräftiger Führungsteams.

Erfahren Sie mehr über TRANSEARCH International, unsere Expertise und Erfahrung sowie über unseren weitreichenden Ansatz im Finden und Begeistern von Führungskräften und im Management Assessment.

Thought Leadership

Unsere Vorgehensweise

Eine effektive Führungsmannschaft ist ein wesentliches Schlüsselkriterium für jedes Unternehmen. Vertrauen Sie die komplexe Aufgabe, die passenden Führungskräfte und Entscheider für Ihr Unternehmen zu finden Spezialisten an, die darin langjährige und nachweisbare Erfolge haben.

Die Tools, die TRANSEARCH International einsetzt, bieten einen einzigartigen und umfassenden Ansatz, der die Passgenauigkeit von Kandidaten in einer bisher noch nicht dagewesenen Weise sicherstellt.

Is Your On-boarding First Class?

Welcome to your new home away from home.  Thanks for signing all those forms, here’s your personal ID and a badge.  Now I’ll escort you to your space and later somebody will come by to drop off supplies.  Over there is where we eat, to the right are several common areas and the parking lots are in the back.  You do know we’re meeting up front at 11:00, right?  Well, here we are.

Measuring Executive Effectiveness

There are lots of simple reasons why any organisation should measure executive effectiveness. There’s just no clear consensus on how to do it. Should one look only at recent financial results or share price as indicators of a leader’s impact on the enterprise, say in the case of a Chief Executive Officer or Chief Financial Officer? How about the person’s progress against key individual or unit performance metrics or specific milestones related to his or her most recent job description?

Taking Stock Of Enterprise Competitiveness

Too many global managers are managing by the numbers. As a result, their behaviours are being ruled by the same measures of short-term financial returns. Today’s global leaders, however, see beyond quarterly profits and operating margins. Rather than be held hostage to financial indicators, they are instead focused on the things that will sustain their organisations over the long term.

In The News

New Offices in Brazil

We are delighted to announce that we have recently opened two new offices in Sao Paulo and Curitiba, Brazil.

The teams in Sao Paulo and Curitiba are headed up by Ricardo Du Pain and Andre Caldeira respectively.

TRANSEARCH eröffnet ein neues Büro in Paris

TRANSEARCH International Partners hat nach einer kurzen Abwesenheit vom Markt kürzlich ein neues Büro in Paris eröffnet.

Der Standort hat für TRANSEARCH eine besondere Bedeutung, da das Unternehmen 1982 in Paris gegründet wurde. Die Stärkung der Marktpräsenz in Frankreich erfolgt im 35. Jahr des Unternehmens in der Executive Search Branche.

Philip de Waal Joins TRANSEARCH In Dubai

Philip de Waal recently joined the TRANSEARCH office in Dubai as Partner.

20. Business Lunch

Der 20. Business Lunch von TRANSEARCH International im Oktober 2016 fand traditionsgemäß im Dekra Club-Restaurant Bischoff in Stuttgart-Vaihingen statt.

Neuer Berater in Stuttgart

Holger Lüking ist der neue Senior Client Partner bei TRANSEARCH International im Stuttgarter Büro.

Evrim Ozturk Joins TRANSEARCH In Turkey

Evrim Ozturk recently joined TRANSEARCH International in Istanbul as a Consultant. 

Executive Spotlight

Our Executive Spotlight series features interviews with accomplished business leaders from around the world and puts a focus on insights, ideas and perspectives that shape organisational culture and performance across key industry sectors.

Hazel Cheng joined JinSheng Industry Group in April 2012 after a long career with multinationals. She began her career as a University lecturer and joined a Sino-US Joint Venture and subsequently Ingersoll-Rand as HR Manager. She was quickly promoted to HR Director for Asia Pacific for the Security Technology division. With a new chapter in her career Hazel shares with us the challenges facing her and the industry as globalization brings a new set of challenges.

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