John O. Burdett

John Burdett has extensive senior executive experience on an international scale. As a consultant, he has worked in more than 40 countries for big-name companies around the world. He is best known for his work on the organizational culture of large corporations and for developing groundbreaking processes and assessment tools for recruiting top talent to senior management positions in organizations.

John Burdett has a PhD in management development and is a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. He has received international awards for two of his articles in business journals. He was also named International Coach of the Year by FINTRA and received an award for his teaching in the MBA program at the University of Toronto.

As an author, he has published ten titles in the field of leadership and organizational culture. In 2014, he published Attract, Select, Develop & Retain Talent. Team: Align, Build, Connect & Develop was the second volume in his Talent trilogy (2015). The third, The Empty Suit, was published in early 2016. The A-Z of Coaching was also published in 2016. The A-Z of Organizational Culture was published in early 2017. Following the publication of The Evidence-Based Interview in 2018, he is currently working on a series of compact guidebooks. These titles, along with his other books, can be downloaded digitally from,, and other eBook providers.

John Burdett is the Founder of Orxestra Inc., as well as Leadership Advisor and Strategic Partner of TRANSEARCH International.


John O. Burdett
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Shaping corporate culture

To get the best out of a company, it is important to find employees who optimally fit the corporate culture.

Innovative concepts and ideas

Recognizing what others do not see or finding new ways into unknown markets requires open-mindedness and the courage to innovate.


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